FIDO Fraser Island Defenders Organization
FIDO, “The Watchdog of Fraser Island”, aims to ensure the wisest use of Fraser Islandís natural resources.

Background Papers

These background papers are published as educational supplements to MOONBI discussing the best use of Fraser Island's natural resources.


Climate Change and Integrity Dec 2006
Ants Nov 2005
Great Sandy Strait Nov 2005
Aboriginal History Jul 2003 #13
Aboriginal History Jul 2003 #13
Feral Plants and Animals Jul 2003 #12
Ecological Use of Fire Nov 2002
A single authority for Fraser Island 2004
The case against free range beach camping on Fraser Island 2004
Wilderness Values Apr 2002
Water Apr 2001
Four Wheel Drive May 2001
Tourism Nov 2000
World Heritage Values Nov 2000
A history of Fraser Island road degredation 2004

Light Rail

Light Rail Nov 2002
A summary of the GHD pre-feasibility study on light rail for Fraser Island Nov 2002
A Light Rail option for Fraser Island 2004