Backgrounders provide background and detailed information about Fraser Island and FIDO.

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01 History of FIDO pp1-2.pdf
02 History of FIDO.pdf
03 World Heritage Values Summary.pdf
04A Kleinhardt value of FI Tourism.pdf
04B Values of Fraser Tourism.pdf
05 4WD Impacts on Fraser.pdf
06 Dingo Backgrounder.pdf
07 Fraser Water Flow Ed Supp.pdf
08 Ecological Fire on Fraser I.pdf
09 Light Rail History.pdf 10 GHD’s Light Rail Summary.pdf
11 Carry Capacity.pdf
12 Fighting Fraser Ferals.pdf
13 Frasers Aboriginal History.pdf
14 Fraser WH Credentials 2007.pdf
15 30 years Ecological Changes .pdf
16 EAL Change Backgrounder.pdf
17 FIDO Lobbying Backgrounder.pdf
18 Water Quality and Lakes.pdf
19 Indian Head pics.pdf
20 Carry Capacity Backgrounder.pdf
21A FI Holiday 1957 Backgrounder.pdf
21B FI Holiday 1957 Backgrounder.pdf
22 Climate Change Backgrounder.pdf
23 FI Integrity Backgrounder.pdf
24 Marine Parks Benefits.pdf
25 Great Sandy Stait.pdf
26 Ants backgrounder.pdf
27 FI Flora Backgrounder.pdf
28 History FI Land Alienation.pdf
29 Freshwater Enriching Estuaries.pdf
30 Single FI Authority.pdf
31 Fraser Road History.pdf
32 Fraser Fens Backgrounder.pdf
33 Oral History Backgrounder.pdf
34 Eliza Frasers Troubled Times.pdf
35 FI a cultural monument.pdf
36 Lake McKenzie.pdf
37 Frasers Coloured Sands Mystery.pdf
38 Ike Owens Backgrounder.pdf
39 Sid Jarvis Backgrounder.pdf
40 Bogimbah and Sandy Cape Lighthouse on the National Estate.pdf
41 Dingo Heritage Nomination.pdf
42 Recreation Patterns.pdf
43 Moha Moha.pdf
44 Fraser Island Funnel Web Spiders.pdf
45 Submarine Geomorphic Features.pdf
46 Dingo Artificial Feeding.pdf
47 First people of Kgari 2010.pdf
48 Preserving Frasers Natural Integrity2010.pdf
49 Fraser Fauna Backgrounder.pdf
50 Site Access Impacts Backgrounder.pdf
51 Then and Now Photographs Backgrounder.pdf
52 World Heritage and FI Backgrounder.pdf
54 Cyanobacteria and Fraser Island.pdf 55 Skipper Armitage – A Fraser Island Legend
56 Place Names
57 Orchid Beach
58 Cause and Effect at Yidney Lake
59 History World Heritage for Cooloola
60 Wind on Fraser Island Lakes
63 Yarong to Eurong
64 Happy Valley rises from the Depression
65 Wildfires on Fraser Island Backgrounder
66 Eli Creek Boardwalk Backgrounder
68 Dilli Village History Backgrounder
69 Fisheries andSeabirds Backgrounder
70 Fraser Island Marine Debris Backgrounder
71 Balarrgan Backgrounder
72 Archaeological Legacy Backgrounder
73 Balarrgan 2 Backgrounder Final
74 Balarrgan Mission
75 NP Trends
76 Agoraphobia
77 Dune Systems Backgrounder
78 Balarrgan Timber Backgrounder
79 Beach Traffic Backgrounder
80 Sandmining Backgrounder
81 Ethel Richard’s Fraser Island
82 World Heritage History Backgrounder
83 Factors Influencing Perceptions of Natural Beauty Backgrounder
84 Wilderness Backgrounder
85 1957 K’gari Tourism Backgrounder
86 When Native Plants Become Weeds Backgrounder
87 Myrtle Rust – A major threat to the integrity of K’gari (Fraser Island) Backgrounder
88 How Frasers Famous Fens Formed Backgrounder
89 How Fares the Vision for the Great Sandy – Sixteen Years On?