Children’s Stories

John Sinclair AO makes a policy of producing one new children’s story whenever he goes on a trip, these are for his grandchildren, but are also shared with other children.

The Big Four meet the Eurong Weed-busters

Big four of the biological agents controlling K’gari’s Lantana were conferring.  It was on a hot sunny day when they heard a commotion.  That was unusual because most of the loud noise around this K’gari lantana patch came at night from the nearby back-packers’ camp. This regularly happened when the backpackers were partying inside the dingo proof enclosure.


Stories Arising from Working Bees on the George Haddock Track

This group of stories is a collection from various trips to Fraser Island between 2010 and 2015 to survey and develop the 52km George Haddock Track for hikers stretching from Lake Garawongera in the south to Arch Cliffs on the shores of Hervey Bay at the mouth of Bowarrady Creek.   It passes through some of the most pristine and less visited parts of Fraser Island (K’Gari).  The stories also reinforce Sinclair’s motto — “Conservation should be fun”.

Fraser Island Pests from Fraser Island Bush Regeneration Adventures

These stories have been written during various FIDO Bush Regeneration working bees conducted by the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation.  This is a growing volume of work.
As well as stories to entertain and inform children about the impact of weeds they include some bush verse by some of the many volunteers who have participated in the working bees.

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