Call for Bids to fund STEM student research projects

The Great Sandy Strait Research Oversight Committee wants to test their hypothesis that serious and sustained damage to the ecology of the Great Sandy Strait will result from the release of acidic water polluted with abnormal concentrations of heavy metals into the Mary River from the proposed Colton coal mine and that further impacts may result if mine site containment dams are breached or overflow.   

The Research Oversight Committee (ROC) is inviting students and/or tutors from the Fraser and Sunshine Coasts to submit projects for funding.  Students from this region are preferred because it will be easier for them to access the main target are of Great Sandy Strait which is where the tides from Hervey Bay meet the tides from Inskip Point.  This is anticipated to be the area of main impact.  These projects may form part of their academic studies or be part of their work experience.  The sum of these projects will together constitute an important environmental assessment on the impacts to Great Sandy Strait from the discharge water from the Colton coal mine.

Funds will be available to cover the cost of some travel, boat hire and equipment and other expenses needed to be able to collect data and deliver a credible report within the time frame.  While some reports may be completed by the end of 2018, it is anticipated that some projects may need to be carried out during the first semester 2019.

Download the document for more details