2020 Vision for Fraser Island

A new focus for the Great Sandy World Heritage Area

11 August 2004 – 13 August  2004

Noosa Lakes Resort, Noosa


The Fraser Island  Defenders  Organisation  wass  proud  to  host its conference; “A 2020 Vision for Fraser Island: A New Focus for the Great  Sandy  World  Heritage  Area” from 11 August 2004 to 13 August 2004 at Noosa.

The  conference  aimed to bring together management agencies from local, state and federal levels, stakeholders and interest groups  to discuss the future of Fraser Island and the Great Sandy World Heritage Area.

The 1980’s campaign to save Fraser Island’s forests and subsequent World Heritage listing brought with them global recognition of Fraser Island and environs as an outstanding natural area and  tourist destination.  There is now  a widespread perception that Fraser Island has been “saved”. However, steady growth in visitor numbers has placed unprecedented pressure upon this complex and sensitive environment.

The conference provided the opportunity for delegates to examine trends in past, present and future demands and land use practices and to  consider community expectations and the challenges faced to provide sustainable, balanced management of this unique resource.


The theme of the conference  is  “A  New  Focus  for  the Great Sandy World Heritage Area” and  submissions were grouped into tracks the following:

  1. Urgent management issues
  2. Future needs and aspirations (the next 20 years)
  3. Retaining World Heritage values
  4. Communication, Commitment and Conservation
  5. Finding Common Ground
  6. The economics of World Heritage

Topics of Interest                                               image002

 Topics of interest included but are not limited to:

  • Planning & Management
  • Management of Visitor Impacts
  • Waste Management
  • Wildlife and Resource Management
  • Transport
  • Future Funding
  • Research and Conservation
  • Indigenous Issues

Aiming to ensure the wisest use of Fraser Island’s natural resources

More Information


Topics Presented reader-96x96 

Chris Waites and Danny Lynch Road Maintenance On Fraser Island: Challenges (16.6kb)
Darryl Jones Conflict, Co-Existence and Compromises: Human/Wildlife Interactions (19kb)
David Jehan Rails Through the Wilderness (23.4kb)
Fiona Kennedy and Roger Feely Fraser Island Waste Management (23.6kb)
Gary Smith Tourism in Protected Areas – Fraser Island Issues from an Operator’s Perspective (6.2kb)
Geoff Mosley – Keynote Great Sandy Region: The World Heritage Vision (27.7kb)
John Sinclair A Better Corporate Memory for Fraser Island  (77.9kb)
Ralf Buckley Tourism Funds for Protected Areas (7.6kb)
Rebecca Hoare The Great Sandy Region – Legal Management and Protection (15.3kb)
Ron Boyd River of Sand: A Geological Perspective On Fraser Island and the GSR (6.5kb)
Ron Neller Research in Protected Areas: Using Fire to Fight Fire (12kb)
Terry Harper Fraser Island World Heritage Area – Past, Present, Future (10.4kb)

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