Time, Tide and Tourism

FIDO’s Time, Tide and Tourism (T,T&T) Conference

Papers and Presentations from the Conference in August 2017

University of the Sunshine Coast  Sippy Downs

Wednesday, 16th August, 2017

FIDO’s 7th Biennial Conference is intended to be complementary to a Symposium being organized by the University of the Sunshine Coast or 1st November.   FIDO’s conference is targeted more at laypersons with a special interest in Fraser Island while the USC Symposium will appeal to a more academic audience.

Sponsored by the Queensland Government

Because of sponsorship by the Queensland Government FIDO has been able to hold the prices for this one-day 9 to 5 conference to the same price as in 2013, despite increased catering costs. 

COST: $100 Includes light lunch and morning and afternoon tea

($60 for students and concessions)

On line registrations can be made at: http://www.queenslandconservation.org.au/fido

The conference will again be held at the Innovations Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast Sippy Downs on the day of the Ekka holiday which allows the many Brisbane based people a chance to get away mid-week.

NOTE:  Organizers need to pay $41.40 per person for catering and provide those numbers by 8th August. FIDO has to know exact numbers to be catered for in advance.  Registration by 8th August is vital.                                                                           

A late fee will apply to registrations made after 29 July..


Writer and Broadcaster (ABC Classic FM) Dr Martin Buzacott who has a strong family connection with the Great Sandy Region has entitled his paper “Drawing Artistic Inspiration from the Landscape”.  It is relevant to one of K’Gari’s World Heritage  values.


Landmark Anniversaries:  2017 marked 40 years since sandmining ended on Fraser Island and 25 years since the island’s World Heritage listing. The recommendations of the Fraser Island Environmental Inquiry led to the end of sandmining on 31 December 1976. The Inquiry’s, Presiding Commissioner, Dr. John Hookey will open the conference.  Dr Hookey was a pioneer in Australian environmental law.  After 40 years he can now speak publicly on Fraser Island environmental issues. The three succinct recommendations of the Fraser Island Environmental Inquiry ended mining and laid the foundations for its subsequent World Heritage listing.


In the tide of events another player from the 1975-76 Fraser Island Environmental Inquiry, Chris Loorham who returned to K’Gari in 2016 to participate in a working bee and was impressed by the changes he noted after a 40-year absence not only in the physical condition of the island but in the relationships between that are working to preserve its natural integrity.  His paper is entitles, Fraser Island and the sands of times— from confrontation to collaborations — the Enquiry 40 years on.”   It is also hoped for interesting presentations by a marine biologist and the Butchulla.


FIDO founder John Sinclair, AO, who has visited over 100 World Heritage sites both natural and cultural around the world studying how visitation is being handled will present a paper on “Handling the hordes — Lessons from how natural World Heritage sites manage visitation.   Also looking at tourism will be Ross Waldron the Barbara Winkley Fellow who is working towards his PhD on the theme of Developing Sustainable Transport Options.

Other presenters will cover issues issues surrounding Native Title, Citizen Science and Volunteer Programs.  There will be two very impressive panels during the afternoon.  The first will cover citizen science initiatives from the state of the weather to the birds and the bees all relevant to K’Gari.   BioBlitz from the perspectives from various participants, librarians, specialists, citizen scientists, and the artists and the role citizens can play in collecting weather and other data.  Another panel will cover a range of volunteer programs from Sandy Cape to Great Sandy Strait to protect K’Gari’s natural integrity.  Most of these are addressing pests particularly weeds.  There aims to be time for questions and discussion for each panel.

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FINIA (Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance) and University of the Sunshine Coast