FIDO Update Newsletter – November 2023

What’s going on with FIDO at the moment? I know we’ve been a bit lax with the communication so I am trying to put something quickly together that helps everyone get an overview of various aspects of FIDO’s work.

The short trip group from Maryborough had just come back this afternoon on the barge. I will be talking with Lyndall shortly to find out how that went.

Peter and I spent the day today (Tuesday the 14th) at Maryborough at a meeting of FINIA which is the stakeholder group for the natural integrity of K’gari established by John Sinclair in 2006. This is a non-incorporated group with delegates from QPWS, landholder groups, residents’ associations, Butchulla rangers, DES and today we were delighted to welcome Amber Kelly from the Fraser Coast Regional Council who has fairly recently come into the role. FINIA is chaired by Sue Sargent who many of you all know.

Peter and I also just spent two intensive days Thursday and Friday at Harvey Bay at the Djaa–Ngarawinj (Land and Sea) K’gari conference which was a joint project between FIDO and the University of the Sunshine Coast. Thanks to all FIDOs who attended: Peter, Lyndall, John T, Charlene and supporter Valerie.  There was so much to report from the actual K’gari conference -two days intensive – with reports from all kinds of groups – that I have written a separate report about that and I’m afraid you’ll have to wade through that if you’re interested. See pics above.

I just read with interest tonight a report from Isaac on the Pandanas programme and I’m really thrilled with how well they manage and also how accurately he’s recording everything, so well-done Isaac!

Peter and his team will be setting off soon for another weeding trip to Happy Valley trip. You may have followed the story about an area near Happy Valley which FIDO took over after another group sort of fizzled out with their wedding efforts and the resident’s association was so pleased that they hired a company environmental consultant, Red Ash, to do a comparative report. It came out with glowing approval all expressed with photos, graphs and diagrams. It is nice for FIDO to know that our weeding work is so successful and appreciated.

Charmaine is looking at getting a Moonbi out in the next six weeks.  Hopefully for Christmas.  If you have any information or articles or advertisements you might like to include please email her at

The new tide brochure is out and thank you to our many sponsors – Sunshine Coast University,   Noosa K’gari Car Rentals,  Drop Bear Adventures and Fraser Island Holiday Lodges all donations were gratefully received.

Additionally thanks to McCullough Robertson Lawyers,  Waddy Point Resort, Kingfisher Resort for their generous donations to the Kjaa- Ngarawinj  Land and Sea conference.

Charmaine is working with the FIDO board to get FIDO registered on the Register of Environmental Organisations which will allow us to get charitable status.  We are hoping to have it concluded early next year.

On the correspondence front:

BioBlitzes: There will be a Cooloola Bioblitz in August 2024 and permission has been gained by Lindy Orwin at Coast Care for a Bioblitz on K’gari early next year, possible in the Valley of the Giants where scientist Don Sands is keen to inspect the insects.

Peter has written to the DES (Department of Environment and Science) because we need a new agreement. Our agreement has lapsed and we wish to continue work doing this weeding work but we anticipate that this is just a formality and will follow in due course. We hope to get some grants for weeding through BMRG since things have changed there.

The other thing that is changed is that some of our unallocated state land (USL) areas where we worked have now been transferred to Butchulla control we don’t have a memorandum of understanding with them as yet. We do have Chantelle van Wamulan appointed as our liaison person with the BAC and Charmaine, Peter and I had a meeting with her a few months back at Pialba. Chantelle is a very organised and capable team leader. For some things we just have to tell her if we’re going across to do something and she will try to organise for some of the Butchulla Rangers to work with us and that has been something that everyone has really appreciated and enjoyed when it’s been able to happen. For some matters we have to write the BAC Board that only meets 4 times a year so a response may take some time.

That’s enough for now, hope you get time to have a look before the meeting

Warm regards,

Zela Bissett

FIDO President