FIDO’s K’Gari E-News 10

The Fraser Island Defenders Organisation has been engaged in many priority projects so far in 2017 with our biggest project our Biennial K’gari Conference coming up on 16th August. See details pp 3-5.

Already there have been six working bees to restore the natural integrity of Eurong and Happy Valley and another to carry out maintenance on the George Haddock Track. In between we have been making submissions including to a Senate Inquiry on the impact of climate change on infrastructure and the Queensland Parliamentary inquiry on a ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags and the introduction of a container refund scheme. (p2)

FIDO’s alarm bells began ringing increasingly louder as more details of the open-cut Colton Coal mine emerged and we realized the we had been deceived about the scale of the mine and as we learnt more about the process of acidification and heavy metal release into the Mary River at the rate of 200 litres (10 x 20 litre containers) per second. Thus 46 years after FIDO was formed to stop Fraser Island on Fraser Island we have another fight against mining that will impact on the natural integrity of our beloved island on our hands.

FIDO’s E-News are published for topical updates between the biannual Moonbi newsletters.

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