FIDO’s K’Gari E-News 11

Some FIDO initiatives to address the threats of Colton Coal to Great Sandy Strait

The probability of long-term and on-going impacts from the proposed Colton Coal mine on Great Sandy Strait are too serious to ignore. Our concerns have led FIDO, the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC) and other concerned groups including Great Sandy Strait Saviours, Lock the Gate and others to form a coalition to coordinate actions all directed at stopping this polluting mine.

Research.  FIDO and MRCCC, with a $20,000 fund, are embarking on a quest to finance some basic research projects to test our hypothesis that a mine, Colton Coal Mine, in wallum country between Maryborough and Hervey Bay City could have serious sustained impacts on the Ramsar listed Great Sandy Strait.  Once we know the impacts based on real science we will be in a much stronger position this time next year to know how to proceed.   Details of the questions to be addressed are on p2.

Great Sandy Strait Cruise/s:  The campaign to stop Colton Coal is growing into a formidable coalition involving many conservation groups.  FIDO is seeking to add to the initial $20,000 Research FUND by reinstating Great Sandy Strait Cruises, reviving memories of our “In the Wake of the Rafters” Safari cruises through Great Sandy Strait in the late 1970s.  Details of these are on p3.

Fundraising Event:  Other Fund-raising events are being organized by the Great Sandy Strait Saviours.  They are holding a concert at Noosaville Sunday afternoon 26th November.

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