FIDO’s K’gari E-News 15

Calendar of Significant K’gari events 2018/2019

  • 4th November 2018 – Great Sandy Strait Boat Cruise
  • 18-24 November 2018 – Happy Valley Weeding & bush regeneration
  • February 2019 – Cooloola Colloquium University of Queensland
  • 13-15 March 2019 – BMRG’s Australian Biosphere Conference, Maryborough Brolga Theatre Cooloola BioBlitz #2
  • 31 August – Community, Culture, Collaborations Conference, Hervey Bay

Restructuring FIDO

For almost 48 years John Sinclair AO has lead FIDO through all of its campaigns and initiatives. The fact that he was able to support himself throughout that period with paid employment as an adult education organizer and as leader of GO BUSH Safaris meant that FIDO was able to operate as a purely voluntary organization with a low budget and a low income.

For more than five years John Sinclair (now 79) has been battling with prostate cancer and FIDO is wisely planning a future without him. It is likely to result in a new constitution, a new business model and a different mode of operation. FIDO plans to complete these transformations during the current financial year. It will involve significant changes and members and supporters are being given notice of the changes being planned. Anyone wishing to make suggestions or have any input should feel free to volunteer or contribute to this process.

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