Spiders From the Coolola Bioblitz 24-26 August 2018

Download the full report, including stunning photographs Spiders From the Coolola Bioblitz 24-26 August 2018 © Robert Whyte 2018 Introduction Spiders (order Araneae) have proven to be highly rewarding organisms in biodiversity studies1, being an important component in terrestrial food webs, an indicator of insect diversity and abundance (their prey) and in Australia an understudied Continue reading

Volunteers Establish a New Nature Walk on Fraser Island

Media Release 28th  February, 2016   Over the past week volunteers from the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation have worked to establish a new Nature Walk in the middle of Eurong to help people appreciate some of Fraser Island’s outstanding natural values. The 450 metre long walk that traces the path of a former sandblow was Continue reading

Cultural Heritage

Aboriginal History Radio-carbon dating of cultural material has established that Aborigines were resident as long ago as 5,500 years BP (before present).  It is possible that evidence of earlier occupation may still lay entombed in the sands of the Great Sandy Region. Age determination by radio carbon dating placed the time of formation of the Continue reading

Great Sandy Soils

Fraser Island and the adjoining Cooloola sandmass (covering a total of approximately 200,000 hectares) consist almost entirely of quartz sands that have accumulated during episodic periods of dune building in the Quaternary.  At least eight dune systems have been identified at Cooloola and nine systems at Fraser Island marking separate episodes of deposition above sea Continue reading