George Haddock Track Maintenance Working Bee Easter (23rd to 29th March) 2016

Over the 2016 Easter Weekend 16 volunteers helped honour FIDO’s obligation to maintain the George Haddock Track.

  • The team cleared 17 kms of track of any fallen timber and major regrowth During 2014 FIDO and NPAQ volunteers cleared 22.7 kms of walking-tracks along former logging tracks and roads in nine different sections of the overall 52 kilometre George Haddock Track supported by a Friends of Parks grant. No maintenance had been done since October 2013 except for a little clearing between Lake Coomboo and Hidden Lake since.
  • The swathe of cleared ground around the Harold Charles Barracks was greatly extended by stripping away regrowth and accumulated fallen debris. This provides a greater margin of safety for the critical infrastructure from potential fires. It also had the effect of creating a larger flat area for campers participating in future working bees.

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