2020 Cooloola BioBlitz on 20, 21 and 22 March 2020

Full details on the Cooloola BioBlitz Website.
The team have an exciting lineup of expert Team Leaders across a broad range of plants, animals, insects and fungi and even a Bryophytes (moss etc) expert coming for the first time.
We also have a wonderful program with a range of presenters for the evening program and 2 special “Listening” events this year as well as nocturnal frog spotting outings, so we’re expecting some magic moments.
Our special Art Program that runs the whole weekend on Nature Journaling by Dion Dior will be a very special experience for the 15 participants, so get in early.
People can join us for the whole wonderful weekend or just come for a day.  Youth 11 to 18 receive free registration.
Tickets are available online now or contact the Coordinator to make other arrangements.
Looking forward to your members and friends joining us here in the beautiful and special natural environment of international significance:
  • UNESCO World Heritage (Tentative List)
  • Ramsar Wetland of International Significance
  • UNESCO Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve
  • Great Sandy Marine Park
  • Great Sandy National Park: Cooloola Section
  • Wolf Rock Marine Protection area 

More information and contact details at Cooloola BioBlitz Website.