Summary Report of Cooloola Citizen Science BioBlitz

Weekend of 24thto 26thAugust 2018

Ninety seven people signed on for this first BioBlitz in Cooloola to document as much of the Cooloola area’s living natural resources — plants, animals, invertebrate, fungi and more, as possible.  Seven target areas were defined for close scrutiny selected because they represented distinctive habitat types that were all easily accessible from Rainbow Beach, the administrative hub and centre of operations.  The sites ranged from the mangrove forests of Bullock Point to the Lake Poona perched in the high dunes; from the littoral forests of the Inskip Point Peninsula to the rainforest at Bymien; from the wallum heathlands to the eucalypt forests adjacent to Carlo Sandblow; and from the fens to Searys Creek. It is an extremely rich and diverse area all within 12 kilometres of Rainbow Beach and all accessible by conventional vehicles.

Download the full report: RBBB Summary Report of Cooloola Citizen Science BioBlitz