President’s Annual Report 2017

Fraser Island Defenders Organization President’s Annual Report — July 2017 In the last 12 months since my last Annual Report, FIDO has continued to pursue projects to protect K’gari (Fraser Island) as well as continuing our strong educational, collaborative and advocacy roles. Download the full report: President’s Annual Report 2017

FIDO’s K’Gari E-News 10

The Fraser Island Defenders Organisation has been engaged in many priority projects so far in 2017 with our biggest project our Biennial K’gari Conference coming up on 16th August. See details pp 3-5. Already there have been six working bees to restore the natural integrity of Eurong and Happy Valley and another to carry out Continue reading

FIDO’s K’Gari E-News 8

MOONBI 134 went into the mail distribution on 13th September.  It hasn’t included some of the more topical issues and these are some updates.  This issue deals almost exclusively with filling in the background to just two topical issues:  1: the establishment of the Barbara Winkley Scholarship and 2: reports from FIDO’s Annual General Meeting  Continue reading

FIDO’s K’Gari E-News 7

The last two months have been very eventful for both Fraser Island (K’Gari) and FIDO and all of this while a drawn out Federal Election campaign with serious implications for Fraser Island is being played out. FIDO’s E-News are published for topical updates between the biannual Moonbi newsletters. Download FIDO’s K’Gari E-News 7